Publisert av Eli Irene Sandø Kjus den 27.06.22.

Dear friends and colleagues of ESLA,

I hope this email finds you well.

Today I am forwarding you a message we received from CEPLIS concerning the recognition of  liberal professionals who live in Ukraine or who have fled that country because of the war. 

CEPLIS' recommendations are supposed to provide different authorities with guidance and practical advice to ensure a quick, fair and flexible recognition process.

To support Member States in the quick, fair, and flexible recognition of qualifications, the Commission has taken several steps, including:

  • At the request of the Commission, the European Training Foundation has created a resource hub on Ukrainian qualifications where information can be shared. Comprehensive information sharing and transparency between Member States will be key to enable fast track procedures.
  • To facilitate dealing with the language barrier, the eTranslation tool developed by the Commission has been adapted to meet the demand for quick and reliable translation from Ukrainian. Translation from Russian is also possible and can be useful, given that many professionals in Ukraine obtained their diplomas in Russian.
  • People fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine may have been forced to leave without their original documentation of qualifications. This requires a flexible approach on how to assess recognition applications in such a case, including the option of reissuing diplomas in a digital format.


We would like to encourage you to distribute this information among your members. 

Thank you very much and all the best,



Theresa Bloder

ESLA Administrator