WHO - HEARING screening

WHO - HEARING screening

Publisert av Irene Chashah van Slooten den 17.09.21. Oppdatert 13.10.21.

WHO invites you to join the launch of the "HEARING screening: considerations for recommendations". This handbook provides technical guidance required for establishing evidence-based programmes for hearing screening across the life course.
The purpose of the handbook is to provide guidance on how to undertake:

·       Hearing screening in newborns and infants  

·       School-based ear and hearing screening  

·       Hearing screening in older people  


·       Introduction to the handbook

·       Implementing hearing screening in newborns and infants

·       Implementing school-based ear and hearing screening

·       Implementing hearing screening in older people

·       Discussion and experience sharing ( partners are invited to join the discussion and share their experience and insights)

Date and time : 15 September 2021, 0800 to 0930 CEST and 1700 to 1830 CEST (same session will be held twice to facilitate participation across all time zones)

Registration for morning session: https://who.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0pc-qtpzgiHtAKDqnCYSIXjWCS8viR5l8M

Registration for evening session: https://who.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYvcuiqrDsuHtPyfienJVr1JvvN_oOG6Eh1